Annotating patients' experience


  • Health conditions may be referred using creative idiomatic expressions or terms outside the existing medical lexicons (e.g. “pounds are packing on”).
  • Discussion of a drug could involve indications, beneficial effects and potential adverse drug events.
  • Temporal and causal relations between events play an important role in classification of events.
  • Emotional patterns are subjective, need to consider user’s language when evaluating the impact on the quality of patient’s life.

Main objectives

  • Create a model of the language used to express medical events in social media and provide detailed annotation guidelines
  • Develop and evaluate methods for a medical concept matching and normalisation to standard ontologies (i.e. MedDRA + SNOMED-CT)
  • Develop and evaluate a relationship extraction and classification methods (to distinguish indications, beneficial effects, adverse drug events and other mentions)
  • Extend the methodology to focus on a context of events (i.e. severity, temporality, causality) and impact on the quality of life